The Sartorial Garden

Exhibiting at the NYBG Antique Show

Long held as the country's most renowned stage for authentic garden antiques and rarities, the Antique Garden Furniture Fair: Antiques for the Garden and the Garden Room celebrated its 25th Anniversary this year and returned to New York Botanical Garden with a new look. Named "Best in America" by experts, this wonderful annual show featured 30 of our fellow garden antique dealers offering unique and beautiful items.

Days of picking pieces, hours of packing, 3 truck loads, and a long drive... but were finally here!

This year’s Fair had a playful bee-inspired design by event designer Ken Fulk. As Designer Chairman for the 25th Anniversary Fair, Fulk created a centerpiece exhibit that showed visitors the possibilities of marrying antiques and modern design with their everyday aesthetic.  There was a definite buzz in the air!

  • Almost done, just need to make sure things look good from all angles.

  • Final touches to ensure all is just right.

  • And we're done! Even our elegant Joan of Arc is waiting with bated breath. The antique cast iron "Erected" sign sold rather quickly!

Our Whitley Finial became the focal point of our booth with armillary sundials grounding the corners.

  • Certainly a full range of materials and styles from an old washing copper and farm watering troughs to estate finials!

  • Beautifully elegant flower arrangement to enhance the ambience of the pieces.

  • What can we say, he just fit right in!

  • Even the incredible Bette Midler graced us with her presence.

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