Antique Boundary Marker

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Antique carved post used to mark the boundary between two properties. The initials GB is carved on one side and the initials EW are carved on the other. Imported from England. Milestones, mile markers, or mile posts were first used by the Romans on the Appian Way. Early milestones were shaped like an oblisk and made of granite, marble, or local stone. Milestones were usually a sequential series of markers along a road or some boundary line, and as the name would suggest, placed at one mile intervals. Though now lost, originally at the center of Rome stood the "Golden Milestone", which was the supposed center of the Roman Empire. The "Zero Milestone" near the White House in Washington DC is the point which all roads in the United States were to be measured. Today only roads in the District are measured from it. Interestingly enough British roads are measured in miles.


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Additional Information

Product Code: AQE-BP

  • Base:

    17" x 15"

  • Top:

    14" x  8"

  • Height: