Antique Carved Stone Gnome, 18th Century

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Antique gnome carved from limestone, in traditional style with pointed hat and ears, beard, breeches and the smallest of tailcoat, standing on a square plinth. Carved with wonderful detail and whimsy.

18th century. Imported from England. Thought to be originally Nordic. Restoration work to his face. Given the age of this piece, we would recommend bringing the gnome to a protected area during winter.

Garden gnomes have a long history that dates back centuries. The mythical gnomes in folklore were thought to live underground; their name derived from the Latin word for "earth dweller." Gnomes were found in so many culture's folklore: Hob in England, Nisse in Norway, Tomte in Sweden, and Leprechauns in Ireland.

According to Nordic folklore, gnomes originally come from the soul of the first person to own a home or farm. The original souls of the homestead eventually become a spirit creature to ensure the continuous care of the space and as such, they typically look like little old men and women. In Sweden, the word “Tomte” actually means homestead man. Norwegian gnomes are Nisse — creatures that live in barns or homes, protecting the countryside and the people who live there.

Even today, gnomes are considered to be good luck and protectors of the garden.

As shown in the last two photos, the Gnome is placed on the Carved Stone Garden Pedestal, sold separately. You can find it here.

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