Antique English Butter Churn

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An early 1900s hand cranked butter churn. Just pour in the cream and churn away! Without its lid, this piece can be used as a whimsical and unique planter.

Imported from England.

Churning Instructions:

Fill the Churn one-third to one-half full of cream. Never more than one-half of capacity. Cream should be poured into the Churn thru a strainer to break up lumps and remove curd particles. Add butter coloring if desirable, using from ten to twenty drops per gallon of cream. Turn the handle steadily at about 90 revolutions per minute. Churn until the butter granules reach the size of grains of wheat. Don't churn beyond this point or it will be impossible to wash out the milk.

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Product Code: AQG-MISC-BTC2

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