Rare Antique Trough Pair

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True pair of antique elongated troughs imported from England. These two troughs were made for an old Corn Mill in Bradford, Yorkshire, England.      The Corn Mill was built in the early 19th century and demolished in 1984, at which time the troughs were bought for private use on an estate in Lincolnshire,     England.  While still at the Mill the troughs sat in two corners of the manger for cart horses and were used as watering troughs.     
Beautifully weathered, carved stone, probably Ketton stone from the local quarries.  Circa 1860.    
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Additional Information

Product Code: AQE-TRE

  • Trough 1:

    49" x 18" x 13"

  • Trough 2:

    51" x 17" x 14"