Antique Sandstone Sundial

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English Victorian Carved Sandstone Sundial 

Substantial and heavy mid 19th Century carved sandstone sundial with spelter dial and bronze gnomon. With a bowl cap, the carved baluster is well proportioned     with a vase silhouette, several bands and a round base. This beautifully weathered sundial has wonderful lichen and mossing and would be a perfect     centerpiece to any garden. Imported from Hampshire, England.    


Sundials are one of the oldest tools for measuring time.  The Egyptians used a shadow stick or shadow clock as early as 1500 BC.  The vertical     stick or "gnomon" marked the time of day by the length and position of the stick's shadow.  Gnomon in Greek means "the one that knows".  



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Product Code: AQE-SDVS

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