Vintage Rhubarb Forcers for Sale

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Not just for rhubarb, this terracotta forcer can be used with other vegetables such as asparagus. Weathered and in very good condition.

A marvelous and useful garden ornament that few of us have come across is a proper rhubarb forcer. These tall, bell shaped, cylindrical clay pots taper and have a removable tops which when placed over a rhubarb plant in mid-winter can encourage early "etiolate" or pale growth. By forcing the rhubarb to search for light, they grow smooth, pale stems that are less bitter and much more delicate in flavor. Not to mention, they are an early crop to enjoy! Rhubarb is actually a vegetable and as such does not require fussy soil, location or care. It is easy to grow and it has very strong antioxidant properties that are increased (not decreased) by cooking!    

Once common in gardens, the old fashion rhubarb forcers are now hard to find but we try to keep one or two on hand.

Imported from England.  



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