Circular Lead Cubed Planter

These cubed circular English lead planters are based upon traditional 17th century design. There are six standard sizes in this range. In each case the face of the plant container is divided into little squares, and these squares should be regarded as building blocks, to be added or subtracted as desired.   (Also available as 30 inch square.)

As Gertrude Jekyll the famous English garden designer pronounced firmly "There can scarcely be a doubt that the happiest material for our garden sculpture  and ornament is lead."

Lead has been used to decorate and shape English gardens for centuries.  It's a wonderful and durable material that is naturally resistant to any type of corrosion and cracking as well as impervious to harsh winters, sea-salt air, and inclement environments.    When left exposed to wind, weather, and time, it will develop a beautiful grey patina that will last generations.

See our blog A History of English Lead  if you would like to read more on the history of lead.

This product is currently out of stock, however we would be delighted to have this piece made for you!

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Product Code: HU-PLT-P35C

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