Antique Carved Garden Gnomes

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Set of four antique carved limestone gnomes in the middle of an intense and lively card game. Each carved with wonderful detail and whimsy. All are sitting on tree stumps and are portrayed with traditional attributes including long beards and pointed hats. One gnome is tightly grasping a wine jug, another gnome is holding an overflowing cup and the other two clearly don't trust the others as they hold their cards far away from prying eyes! Garden gnomes have a long history that dates back to the early 1600s. The mythical gnomes in folklore were thought to live underground; their name     derived from the Latin word for "earth dweller." They were popular in German fairly tales and were often described as old men who guarded treasure.     Gnomes were also found in many other culture's folklore: Hob in England, Nisse in Norway and Leprechauns in Ireland. Even today, gnomes are considered     to be good luck and protectors of the garden...although, this group may not be the best security! Circa 1910. Provenance: Newport RI estate


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