Four Seasons Garden Statue, Summer

Elegant Summer Garden Statue made from dry cast limestone holding a sheaf of harvested wheat in her left hand. The statue’s flowing gown is draped over her left shoulder and belted at the waist. Lovely, sweet face. Pairs well with the English Statuary Pedestal.

When we glimpse a ribbon of grass that’s flanked by a couple of statues, we’re involuntarily drawn toward those spaces. Even a single decorative feature, such as a flower-filled bucket, is transformed into an influential design declaration, when it finds its mate. Twinned Ornaments become Portals; they pique curiosity, indicate direction, and invite movement.

So, why not create a pair? We have all 4 seasons available, see links below:

  • Spring Garden Statue
  • Autumn Garden Statue
  • Winter Garden Statue

  • Imported from England.

    One of our favorite sculptors decided to part with many of his own statues, fountains and architectural pieces which were installed and displayed in their show gardens. And as luck would have it, all of these beautifully weathered pieces are on their way to Boston, MA. We’re thrilled to have so many classical statues and associated pedestals. Many are covered with lichen and moss but all of the piece have at least a few years of patina.

    "Placed decisively, and scaled boldly, a solitary ornament will become a powerful presence in a garden." To read more, click on our edit post,The Power of One.

    To learn about dry cast limestone and how it's different from concrete, read our blog.

    Additional Information

    Product Code: YGO-STA-S4

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