Armillary Sundial on Limestone Pedestal

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Modern Chrome and Anodized Steel Armillary on Carved Limestone Pedestal

This unique armillary makes a strong statement in that it is a dichotomy - between the traditionally classical carved limestone pedestal base, coupled     with a very modern and complex anodized iron and chrome armillary. With an arrow gnomon, meridian and celestial equator and equinoctial colure represented     as the 3 larger rings, there are several complicated inner rings representing the Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn, the Artic Circles, and     at its center is a chrome earth, with cities and countries labeled in a simple hand. The piece has a classical feel but is a contemporary object. Armillary     spheres are one of the earliest of all astronomical instruments, used for navigation and for determining the position of the Sun and the stars in relation     to earth.   

The entire piece is imported from England.


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Product Code: AQE-ARP

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