Doric Sundial Pedestal

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This classical design with fluted shaft and molded capital and base looks ideal on terraces or raised platforms (sundial not included).

Sundials are one of the oldest tools for measuring time. The Egyptians used a shadow stick or shadow clock as early as 1500 BC. The vertical stick or "gnomon" marked the time of day by the length and position of the stick's shadow. Gnomon in Greek means "the one that knows".

To learn more about the history of sundials, please visit our blog.

Please note: The version of the Doric Sundial and Plinth shown here has developed a nice weathered patina. The original color of the pedestal is Portland limestone. If you would like to fast forward nature, please ask us about our hand staining weathered finish.


This product is currently out of stock, however we would be delighted to have this piece made for you!

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Additional Information

Product Code: HAD-PED-D150

  • Width at Base:


  • Diameter of top:


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    302 lbs