Magnificent Antique Stone Polyhedral Sundial

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Antique carved stone dodecahadron sundial with bronze gnomons on 10 sides surmounted by an upstanding lion holding an eleventh sundial in the form of a family shield or crest with bronze gnomon.  Multifaceted sundial sits on a Portland limestone column and base. Beautifully weathered. Circa 1920.

A few great English houses have polyhedral sundials (considered the Ferrari of sundials!) including Houghton Hall but none so similar as the dodecahedron of Barrington Court in Somerset England (shown in the second picture), erected early 1900s.  Another similar sundial can be found closer to home in Westbury Gardens of NY.  Shown here in the rose garden.

Imported from Kent, England.

Sundials are one of the oldest tools for measuring time. The Egyptians used a shadow stick or shadow clock as early as 1500 BC. The vertical stick or "gnomon" marked the time of day by the length and position of the stick's shadow. Gnomon in Greek means "the one that knows."

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