Carved Antique Trough

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Antique carved limestone trough. Remnants of white paint on one full side.     
A trough is usually a long, narrow, open stone container, usually box-like and most often used to feed or water animals. Troughs can be square, round,     or D-shaped. Larger D-shaped troughs were used in villages with a pump for water.  Many troughs have tethering holes so that animals could be     tied to them.    
Stone troughs were hewn or carved from sandstone, limestone, granite, or even marble, usually a local stone.    
Troughs make a wonderful garden planter, can be used as a fountain or water feature, or simply as a naturalistic focal point in the garden. Uniquely     carved no two troughs are ever the same.    
To read more about the history of antique troughs, please visit our blog.    


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Product Code: AQEU-TR40

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