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Irresistible Farm Troughs

The most versatile of garden ornaments!   These carved-stone troughs, many of which were dug up from under English farmlands, are all at least 150 years old and have a simplicity of form which is timeless.

For carefree container gardening---in either a modern or cottage-garden style—fill the bottom half of the trough with small stones (for drainage), and top off with good soil. Then plant a tapestry design of cold-hardy perennials, such as Stonecrop or Hens&Chicks, and you’ll have a permanently beautiful display.

For an imposing aquatic garden, fill the trough with water, and submerge pots of your favorite lilies. Or, for the easiest garden pond ever, just fill the trough and immerse a bubbler to gently stir the water’s surface. These troughs are heavy, so be sure…VERY sure…of where you want to place them in your garden. But, once positioned, they’ll look like they’ve been with you forever!

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