Brown Garden Iron Obelisk, Medium

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Our search for the perfect obelisk over many years finally took us to England where we found these beautifully made, heavy, and durable obelisks. Our wrought iron obelisks are hand made and hammered in England by a family who's been blacksmithing since the late 1700s! These obelisks have elegant proportions and a heavy, sturdy frame, built to last a lifetime.

The medium obelisk weighs approx. 40lbs (60"H) and the large obelisk weighs approx. 60lbs (82"H). Both obelisks are 16 inches wide at the base. There are 3 cross bands and 4 small vertical supports to help train smaller tendrils.

Click here to see the Large Obelisk.

Imported from England.

Price below is for the Medium Obelisk.

This product is currently out of stock, however we would be delighted to have this piece made for you!

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Product Code: WS-OBS-MEDBR

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